Sony NSZ-GS7

The Sony NSZ-GS7 is one of the top alternatives for Apple TV. It is priced around $134 only, which is a great alternative to the very popular device from Apple. This is a fully functional Google TV companion box and media hub, having an HDMI input for connecting your satellite or cable system with an output towards the TV. It also has a couple of USB ports, Ethernet, optical audio output, and built-in Wi-Fi. This product from Sony also has the same Google TV interface as you would get from other systems, as based on Android.

Asus Google TV Qube

You should have a great alternative to Apple with the new Asus Google TV Qube. It is capable of playing movies, gaming, social, news, music, and images, among other categories of an Apple TV. It is priced at $140, which is perfect for those looking for cheaper alternatives. It connects via HDMI cable with a couple of USB ports that connects to external media. AirPlay is also built into the Qube, which enables you to view most of the existing content found in your Apple devices. Moreover, it is a bit cheaper in comparison with the Apple TV with a decent remote control and gaming features.

Google TV

This multimedia device is not made by Google itself, but from other manufacturers like Asus and Sony. In this case, there should be a range of possibilities and price ranges for different people. Google describes these models as “body boxes”. So, whatever hardware you choose, Google TV offers a huge selection of video and movie channels, as well as music apps, like Pandora and Google Music. Likewise, Google is more flexible compared to the Apple TV.

Western Digital WDTV Play

The smaller and better-looking device from Western Digital provides 1080p streaming. The device also has HDMI device output aside from the composite AV and Ethernet port. At the same time, it supports wireless connectivity and USB port for you to connect a memory card or external hard drive. Although it may not have the elegance of the Apple TV, it has a few preset navigation keys intended for Hulu Plus, Netflix, and Vudu. But, similar to the Remote app of Apple TV, both iOS and Android devices can use the WDTV Remote application. What’s good in this device is that it’s among the cheapest you can find on the market.

Roku 3

One of the very popular devices for streaming content towards your HDTV is the Roku 3. Its previous model has been sluggish or lacked a decent interface, but the most recent version packs in a powerful processor and interface. It also offers the widest selection of channels for all devices. Its remote control is also nice to the touch, along with the built-in headphone jack, which is great for watching movies in private. Older versions of Roku can be a great option if you are on a tight budget. Roku can be a great alternative for the more popular but expensive Apple TV.

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