When you think about an antivirus, a mobile device is not the first thing that pops in your mind. While everyone has an antivirus on their computer, for some reason the phone seems safer. However, you should know that is not necessarily the case. For example, Android phones can be vulnerable as well, and they risk getting malware. But this does not mean that you should worry. There are plenty of ways to defend your phones from attacks, and today we will show you some of the best antivirus tools that are available for Android.


This antivirus is already at version 3.2 and it can be considered one of the most powerful tools out there. Testing revealed that this antivirus does not drain your battery and it won’t slow down your phone. However, that is not all. Bitdefender managed to impress its users after it proved that it has a 100% real-time detection, and in the last four weeks it managed to detect 100% of the latest Android threats, with no false warnings.

G Data Internet Security

One of the main advantages of this antivirus tool is the fact that it comes with plenty of functions. It can do anything from parental control to locking, wiping and locating. You can also use it for message filtering, call blocking, safe browsing and it even supports all encryption. Its real time detection rate is also good, at 99.8%.

McAfee Mobile Security

When it comes to the McAfee Mobile Security, users can expect a large range of features. You will be able to use various anti-theft tools, save data on the cloud or to an SD card and safe browser. Its real-time detection rate is almost perfect, 99.9%, while it manages to catch 100% of the bugs discovered in the past four weeks.

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