Instant messaging apps are rendering traditional phone calls useless most of the times. The Voice over Internet Protocol option (VoIP) technology allows users to place phone calls and send texts using internet connections. Two of the most popular VoIP apps are Viber and Skype, both of them having been tested by millions of people. There are several criteria to consider when downloading one of the two apps: user friendly interface, cost, flexibility, data usage, quality and features.

Skype vs Viber: the battle

User-friendly interface is an important feature for any app. Both Skype and Viber have this feature. The downloading process is fast and easy. However, a benefit for those who use Viber is that they do not need to create a password and an account. To use Skype, users need a passwords and a username and this takes time, not to mention situations when the user does not remember the account details.

Cost and popularity

Both apps are free and allow the user to make free calls and texts without charging any money. Skype does offer more features such as calling landlines. The latter is not a free of cost option. In terms of popularity, Skype has 5 times the number of downloads Viber has.

Data Usage and flexibility and features

Viber is more flexible because it was primarily designed as a mobile app, while Skype still has difficulties in catering to other platforms apart from PCs.

Viber uses around 250 KB/minute and Skype needs much more. Skype offers more qualitative calls.

Viber is a more simplistic app with not as many features as Skype. The latter allows users to add several people into one call, it also has a record call options and there are also special hardware available to purchase.

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