Electronic mail is without a doubt essential for a job. Keeping in touch with your colleagues and boss, or receiving the latest tasks is easier this way. And when we are talking about emails we must mention Gmail, since it managed to become one of the most efficient and popular mail clients out there. And it is easy to understand why, with Gmail you can access plenty of features that are designed to make your life easier.

However, there might be more than you think and there are many users who are not aware about all the ways to manage your Gmail account, so today we will show how to manage your inbox.

Move to the next unread email with auto-advance

If you receive many emails and you don’t like switching between them manually, Gmail can do that for you. Auto-advance is meant to let you move to the next unread email after you deleted or archived a thread. In order to enable it simply tap the menu in the left corner, go to Settings > General settings > Auto-advance. There you should be able to choose between Newer, Older or Conversation list.

Filter your emails

Sorting your emails can be very easy if you know how. For example, you can use the Filter function to archive all emails that come with attachments, or tag emails from a certain person in a certain way. There are plenty of options, all you need to do is go to gmail.com, click the down arrow in the search bar and select how you want to filter your mail.

Set automatic responses

If you need a vacation where you just unplug from everything, you won’t want to check your mail. In order to inform the ones that are trying to get in touch with you, simply set an auto-message. To do that go to Settings, select your account, and go to Vacation responder.

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