When Niantic presented us the new Pokemon Go, everybody started singing the Pokemon song and everyone had to ‘Catch them All’!

But as we at first became nostalgic over childhood memories and started collecting Pokemon on our journeys, Niantic hasn’t given us enough gaming options.

The augmented reality in the game is sure something we’ll all remember in the future, but we were also waiting for more options, not just more Pokemon or events, but also some content that doesn’t require us to walk just to get the game going.

A lot of people that play the game have a job and cannot just wander around the cities to collect Pokemon or to participate in Raid Battles. Plus, the cold winter is coming, and Niantic will surely see a drop in the number of users.

Another massive drop was seen when Pokemon Moon and Pokemon Sun were released for the Nintendo 3DS, showing that the Pokemon Go app itself didn’t gather many fans since they were already fans of the entire Pokemon franchise.

We might see an increase in player base as soon as the weather will get warmer, though.

New Pokemon Go Features – a Promising Future?

Niantic announced their updates that will come with more features and events for the app, and this might add a few more years to the success of the app.

A few of the new features include the ability to team up with friends for Raid Battles so they might have a chance of catching a Legendary Pokemon. There is also a new generation of Pokemon available now.

There is this one feature – trading Pokemon with friends – that should be added sooner than later because it might make the app more appealing.

Another interesting demand from the fans is to be able to battle against trainers in a Pokemon match, which is why people started playing Pokemon Go, hoping that not only they could catch Pokemon, but also become a Pokemon Master.

Reaching a player base of 9 million users, and being downloaded for over 100 million times, Niantic hasn’t been serious in giving the fans the features they’ve promised so far. If this won’t change next year, we might see a fall in favor of other AR games.

Niantic is now working on another AR game: Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, but this doesn’t mean that they will stop improving Pokemon Go. We just hope it’s going to be sooner rather than later!

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