Have you heard of the Clash Royale Gold Rush yet? Well, this update was announced in October 2017 where developers hinted about daily quests as well as new game modes. In this case, players are given more ways to upgrade the game and earn gold.

Due to insistent public demand of having more gold, Clash Royale now makes it easier for players to earn or save them. Complaints about hard to earn gold and earn improvements within the game are now resolved with the new Gold Rush feature.

This is how Supercell expresses its gratitude to its players. So aside from earning some cash every time you win in battles, you can now earn 100s of gold in each win. This can be done by playing the classic 1v1 multiplayer battles. Each player is given 3 towers in every game. Thus, each time a player gets a three-crown win, he or she can get bigger bonuses.

Here is how you can get the bonuses in each victory.

  • If you are going to destroy 1 Tower within a 1v1 Battle, you get 100 Gold
  • If you destroy 2 Towers within that Battle, you can get 200 Gold
  • However, if you can gain 3 crowns in each win within that Battle, then you are going to get 300 Gold
  • Take note that you can get as much as 600 Gold as maximum reward in each Battle


Aside from all that, players can also get 3 new Special Offers in the in-game shop. So, you can spend Gems in order to purchase exclusive boosts or even increase the limit in the Gold Rush.

You can even spend 300 Gems to increase the Gold reward for each battle by 300. You can also double your cards or gold when opening Crown chests. Moreover, Clash Royale provides the best offers, as players can earn more from the Gold Rush event.

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