This Clash of Clans game has more than five years since it first hit the market, it’s still popular. In May, the creators presented a portion of the greatest changes ever, the new Builders Base.

The engineers at Supercell continually tune in to player’s opinions and make upgrades to the game.

Town Hall 12 to soon make an appearance?

Since players have two towns now, more war choices, and exceptional events, there’s a considerable thing going on. In any case, that likewise implies there is a lot of space for new changes, new game modes, and extra stuff. We know that Town Hall 12 is the most expected and it will make an appearance eventually, however, there are a couple of different things we need as well.

We have no solid proof that Town Hall 12 is going to be here soon and it was at that point erased from the December’s update. But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean it’s not coming in 2018. Truth be told, after almost two years of nothing huge, the start of the year is possibly the ideal time for it to turn out.

Something should be changed

So, the fundamental town is just a single part of the game. The Builder Base is developing in prominence, and Supercell could take a group of various headings for what’s to come. Mix the two towns into one, let players utilize both for Clan Wars, or simply keep them particular and continue to improve them.

We require some extreme new changes. People are not as excited as they should be, and costs for redesigns keep on rising.

Here’s what could make the game better

All things being equal, here are some potential new updates or changes we need or hope to see in 2018. These are changes in light of what the group needs, what I need as a Town Hall 11, and a couple of general changes we’d love to see. Regardless of whether they’re to Builders Base or the two towns.

Yes, home village and the new Builders Base are no brothers. We need versus battles in the main village. Don’t waste gold from battles, when you can fight someone and get the loot if you win.

At the present time, you can assault individuals with the fight catch, or do Clan Wars. That is it, however, a third alternative is something we need. It’s an ideal method to win more cash and practice assaults without taking part in a standard fight.

The main potential issue with that is matchmaking and influencing these fights to reasonable. But perhaps this could be resolved by adding a 2v2 mode.

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