Android emulators are especially useful for app developers because they can test it and see if it works properly. Gamers who enjoy playing with a mouse and keyboard also download Android emulators and most of them are also compatible with Mac. Check out top 5 recommended emulators for PC.

What you need to know before choosing the right one for you

Most emulators are free and they are very easy to find and download. There are plenty of them and sometimes PC users get confused and have a hard time choosing one.

Also, the specs of your PC or laptop will also influence the way in which the emulator works. A PC with more RAMs and a strong processor means better performances.

This article presents 5 Android emulators for PC and they have been selected based on performance, speed and smoothness.

Top 5 Android Emulators

Considering performance, user-friendly interfaces, speed and smoothness, there are the ones to choose from:

  • Andy
  • Bluestacks 3
  • KoPlayer
  • MEmu


The Andy emulator is free of charge and it is preferred also b those who use Bluestacks as well. The Andy or Andyroid emulators allows those who install it to run apps, games, home screen launches and more from their PC instead of their smartphone. The best part is that is also offers root access.

Those who are interested in testing gaming apps might want to try a different one, as Andy tends to work better with apps and programs. The emulator works with Windows PCs and Mac.

BlueStacks 3 emulator:

In terms of popularity BlueStacks is for sure the most used one worldwide. The BlueStacks emulators are veterans and they offer many features for both Windows PCs and Mac. Gamers prefer it for its many options.

The newest version released this year, the Bluestacks 3 had very cool add-ons such as allowing the user to launch multiple versions at a time or play more than one game at a time. BlueStacks 3 also offers key-mapping.

The American company BlueStacks also produces cloud-based products and it was founded back in 2009.

The premium option for the emulator offers faster gameplay and premium support. There is also a 2 $ a month subscription option and it allows users to test 96% of the apps available in Google Play Store.


A relatively new emulator and it comes in two variants: Jelly Bean and Lolipop. AMIDuOS Jelly Bean costs 10$ after the free trial and the Lolipop costs 15 $.

Developers prefer these emulators both for its basic app testing, but also for productivity use, office programs and advanced programs. There are several videos made to help users and the two emulators can be tried out for free with Windows 7, 8 or 10 and Windows tablets.

KoPlayer Android emulator:

This emulator is much recommended for gaming purposes. According KoPlayer, this emulator it should be the first choice for gamers due to some additional features which cannot be found with other similar programs. It is easy to install and free of charge. User can record apps and gameplay, but some have criticized it as being buggy.


MEmu is recommended by many because it offers most features needed for testing apps and games. It supports Jelly Bean, KitKat and Lollipop and also for Intel and AMD processors. It is a good choice because there are not many emulators out there working with Lollipop and it also allows users to run two apps at a time, increasing productivity.

MEmu emulator is also free of charge and it is worth giving a try.

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