Candy Crush Saga has been around for some years, but it continues to appear fresh for everyone. That is why new levels are released constantly so that players don’t get bored of it.

However, in these years we managed to learn a thing or two about this game and we are able to teach you some tips and tricks that should help you climb the leader board. Here is how you can improve your Candy Crush technique.

Create the striped candy that you want

You probably noticed that striped candies have two different versions: vertical and horizontal. The horizontal ones will clear the entire row, while the vertical candies will clear the entire column. However, you may not know that you can decide which candies will appear.

If you want to get a horizontal candy all you have to do is line four candies vertically, while if you want a vertical candy you will need to line four candies horizontally. Basically, they work the opposite way, so it should not be hard to remember. Now you will know how to control them and get the candies that you want.

Restart a level to get better combinations

You can usually tell if a game has many potential combinations as soon as you start a level. However, if you do not like the way candies are arranged you can easily restart the level in order to get a new arrangement. As long as you haven’t made any moves you can restart the level without losing any lifes.

This can be very useful since you can start a level only when you see candies that allow to create a striped candy for example, allowing you a small bonus.

Get unlimited lives

You might already know this, but it is possible to get unlimited lives. However, this only works on the app version, and it does not work if you are playing Candy Crush on Facebook. Here is what you have to do in order to get unlimited lives.

  • If you have the Candy Crus application on your phone, close it.
  • Then go to Settings and look for Date & Time. Open the menu and change it from automatic to manual.
  • Now change the date, and set it for tomorrow.
  • Open Candy Crush Saga and you should see that you have five lives.
  • Start a level.
  • Go back to Settings and set your Date & Time back to normal.

Learn the Candy Crush Saga combos

  • You already know that if you combine special candies you will get a combo that is even more special. In some cases, they might not be useful, so you should know what each combo does. Here is a short list with them:
  • Striped candy combined with another striped candy: This will clear a vertical and a horizontal line at once.
  • Striped candy combined with color bomb: All the candies that match the striped candy’s color will turn into striped candies and then they will explode.
  • Color bomb combined with another color bomb: This is one of the most powerful combinations and it will clear all the candies that appear on the screen.
  • Wrapped candy combined with another wrapped candy: It will remove the adjoining candies twice.
  • Wrapped candy combined with a color bomb: All the candies that match the color of the wrapped candy will transform into wrapped candies and then they will explode.
  • Wrapped candy combined with striped candy: This combination will remove three lines horizontally and three vertically.

Certain combos are more effective than others, but each of them can be useful.

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