Minecraft on Android to Wow Users in 2018 with New Updates


Android devices are soon to get new updates on Minecraft. These include the new built-in streaming option via Mixer and the new Aquatic content to come aboard Android devices.

The new update on streaming would provide familiarity with what Mixer can do. In fact, the Mixer team has taken a break from developing the app in order to develop a custom-map of Minecraft, which aims to get the functionality of its in-game tweaks.

The said map would be downloadable for free and this can be used on Android devices. But, you have to move the file into the right directory using a file manager app. This development has been done in the desktop versions as well, but integrating this with Android devices should be advantageous for Mixer. The integration of Mixer to Minecraft has been described as seamless. If Microsoft can encourage other developers to perform the same with their games, then perhaps Mixer would have a great advantage in the market.

In addition to this new update is the Aquatic content, which should be coming to Android pretty soon. This type of expansion would add a number of new stuff to the rivers and oceans within Minecraft. Dubbed as Minecraft: The Update Aquatic, this new update will be released in 2018 to bring life to the game’s waters.

Therefore, the new environment would require new weapons in order to explore its surroundings. One of the things that you can do is to craft some of them so that you can use them for underwater exploration.

Part of this new update is the introduction of a new monster, which has been described as terrifying. You can just imagine swimming along the path of a really huge manta ray. Take note that new Minecraft update will released for all platforms next year, so you will soon be able to enjoy it all on your Android device.

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