Due to the immense popularity of WhatsApp, the instant messaging app that allows people to make and receive phones or send files such as videos, pictures and PDFs, developers have cut support off for out-of-date platforms and devices.

WhatsApp has blacklisted a plethora of devices – ones that no longer get support. You know, if you’ve kept up on the latest WhatsApp news, that this entails the line of Blackberry and Nokia phones. Also, if your phone runs Android 2.2 or older, you can’t get WhatsApp support on your device.

There’s no way around the problem because the developers don’t want to support them any longer. So what can you do if your old Nokia phone no longer has access to WhatsApp? Can you still install and use an older version of the app?

Just Upgrade Your Phone

The reality is that you’ll just need to upgrade your Nokia phone:

  • Use the Nokia S40.
  • Purchase one of the newer available Nokia phones such as the Nokia 3, 5 or 6. You can also wait for the Nokia 8 or 9 to be released.

If you’re all about the latest gadgets, then you should wait for either the Nokia 8 or Nokia 9 to be released.

Nokia 215: The Smartphone Device That Was Actually Meant Only For Basic Usage

WhatsApp has pulled the plug on support for the Nokia 2015, but it wasn’t the only smartphone to get the boot. Many other older Nokia and Blackberry phones also stopped getting the support they needed to run WhatsApp.

Why is that? It’s because WhatsApp has become one of the world’s most sought-after and used instant messaging apps. And, to keep up with the times, WhatsApp developers have focused their attention on newer smartphone models such as the recently released iPhone and Google Pixel phones. They stopped making updates for software on phones that only a minute number of people are using.

You don’t have to get a completely new phone to use the latest WhatsApp program, but if you’re the owner of a Nokia 215, you will need another phone to use the WhatsApp app. Many other apps are following WhatsApp’s example and halting any new versions of their own software for the device.

What The Nokia 215 Was Actually Designed To Do

Nokia’s 215 is considered a budget-friendly cell phone, but it cannot access either the Nokia Store or Play Store any longer. It also doesn’t have enough RAM to run multiple programs. Today, it’s more of functional make and receive phone calls kind of device.

It was never meant to be a “HIT” with the consumers. It was a budget-smart smartphone for countries that didn’t have all that great of a connection. It wasn’t deemed to be powerful enough to run smartphone apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

If all you want is a device to make calls or send messages, then the Nokia 215 is what you’re looking for. However, if you want to try and use it like other smartphones on the market, you’re going to be highly disappointed. It’s just not made that way!

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