Mega Man Legends, aka Rockman DASH, is a well know videogame which included 3D action gameplay and a nice plot. Its developer, Capcom has announced back in 2011 that there will be no third sequel, however the game’s community has been protesting ever since.

Mega Man Legends: the most expected revival among Capcom IPs

Six years later and Mega Man Legends fans are still waiting for a revival or for the developer to change its mind and create Mega Man Legends 3. Mega Man is making its comeback with a new TV show which will be aired next year, an appearance in Smash and the Legacy Collection.

The Plot

The Legends plot takes place after the ZX series, in a time when our planet is mostly covered by water. The little islands left for the civilization is inhabited by artificial robotic life forms. The main character, MegaMan Volnutt is an archeologist searching for the primary source of energy used: Quantum Refractors.

MegaMan;s life story is that of a baby found at the bottom of the Nino Ruins by Professor Barrel Caskett and his granddaughter Roll Caskett.

The antagonists of the plot are the Bonnes: pirated whose leader, Teisel Bonne, give them trouble. The group consists of 42 Servbots, Teisel’s sister, Tron Bonne and Teisel’s and Tron’s baby brother, Bon Bronne.

The Reaverbots are also troublesome for MegaMan because they protect the underground ruins.

Data is MegaMan’s mascot, a robot monkey he found and with which he can communicate.

The most important games

The main series released were the Mega Man Legends, the first video game. It was released for PlayStation in December 1997. The second release was The Misadventures of Tron Bonne in 1999. The third main release was Mega Man Legends 2 in 2000.

The question remaining is: Do we still need MegaMan Legends 3 sequel?

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  1. Yes, and I’ve said this many times actually. We the fans of this series might be louder than we are in numbers, but we need Legends 3. Simple as that.
    But because its been so long, we REALLY need Legends 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.
    The only reason no one has heard of those games in this timeline is because they got stuck on the third one, making anything after that nothing more than a crazy idea.

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