Minecraft is one of the best if not the number sandbox game of the 21st century owing to its ability to give the player a chance to explore their imagination at an almost uninhibited level.

If you checkout some of the Minecraft creations posted online in Youtube or other websites you will discover tons of beautiful creations that will surely remind you of how creative the human mind can be.

If you are thinking about buying a copy of the sandbox game then don’t hesitate too much and begin creating a world of your own imagination.

When starting out the game for the very first time it would be great that you look around first and get a feel of the world that Minecraft created.

The first thing you want to do is play a survival game first before playing in a creative mode. This way you will be able to appreciate in a fun way the time it takes to gather resources and blocks that you can use to build things. When playing the creative mode you will have a different experience altogether since you will have access to every block there is in Minecraft in an unlimited capacity.

When Playing the Survival Mode

When Playing the Survival mode, other than gathering food and wood as well as crafting your first tools. The first thing you might want to build is a small cottage where you will put your first bed in. The bed can be crafted with three blocks of wool of the same color and three blocks of wood planks from any of the tree species in Minecraft.

You might want to have a bed on your first night in order to skip it altogether since you might not have gathered what it takes to survive the barrage of zombies, creepers, witches, endermens, and spiders that will try to get you.

When Playing the Creative Mode

When you play with this mode the full power of the sandbox game is at the palm of your hands and the only limit is but your imagination.

  1. Castles and Fortresses

If you have a childhood dream of building a castle, then at Minecraft you will have a chance to make that dream come true, at least in the virtual world. You will be able to design your castle and build it near a body of water or atop a hill or mountain in Minecraft. A quick google search will reveal castles pattern after real world castles remade in the world of Minecraft.

  1. Buildings and Skyscrapers

This is another favorite choice for most Minecraft players. Many players build skyscraper buildings pattern after their own designs. There are even famous cities around the world that have been closely copied using the Minecraft world builder.

  1. Farms, roads, and bridges

Like any good sandbox game, you can enjoy building and designing efficient farms for you and your co-player’s food needs. You can also build roads and bridges for easier travel between the cities or settlements that you’ve made. You can even build tracks for faster travel to and fro your Minecraft cities.

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