After the Halloween Pokémon Go phase, fans are expecting for Niantic to announce the Thanksgiving event of 2017. This year, Niantic has decided to host a “Travel and Global catch Event”, which will not be tied directly to Thanksgiving, even though it will take place during the holiday.

The event will be presented through videos

It appears that YouTube and gaming personalities will present the event after having been flown to Japan. They will promote the event and challenge Pokémon Go fans to catch 3 billion Pokémon in one week.

The goal is impossible, to say the least

Although Pokémon Go fans will most likely say: ‘challenge accepted’, the reality is that the goal is not easy to achieve. By reaching different milestones players will manage to unlock prizes for the event. 500 million Pokémon caught will bring 2x XP and 6 hour lures, 1.5 billion Pokémon caught will bring 2x XP and 6 hour lures and 2x Stardust, 3 billion catches will bring 2x XP, 6 hour lures and 2x Stardust, 48 global window for Farfetch’d spawns, 48 local east Asia window for Kangaskhan spawns.

SO far, these prizes are not very promising. Farfetch’d has been released for over a year and a half and getting 48 hours of it is not such a great catch.

Regional Pokémon rarer than Legendaries

Many fans still do not understand why Niantic continues to lock away Pokémon by region. This makes then rarer than Legendary Pokémon and players are not happy.

Even if the game has had 750 millions downloads, the number of avid players is much lower with fewer active users. Even if 1% of the registered users will dedicate the time needed to accomplish this goal, catching at least 400 Pokémon in a week requires some serious dedication and luck.

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