If you are just new to Minecraft you will be slightly confused by the number of versions available on the market for the game. This is because before Minecraft was bought by Microsoft the former owner (Mojang) of the said game made several versions of it for use on the different popular gaming platforms.

Before the Better Together Update, the Minecraft version you are probably using was called a Bedrock edition. The different Minecraft versions for these platforms were almost identical to the letter except for the prices which varied depending on the platform provider.

Although Microsoft has rolled out a version (better together update) that eliminates the need for the bedrock edition versions, they still continue to roll out updates for it. The latest Minecraft bedrock edition is currently 1.2.5 which was released last November 21.

There are numerous new features for this update and a lot of tweaks and fixes.

New Features

They added a rating system for the content in the Marketplace and a Windows Mixed reality support feature which enables viewers to experience the game of their favorite streamers in a whole new level. You as a viewer can help out or make the streamers life difficult by either spawning a pig or a creeper when needed or least expected.

Game Fixes and Tweaks

They have fixed issues that are not experienced by all players but can sometimes be very annoying to those who experience them like the game asking for a license for those who already have and being unable to create and launch maps after logging out of Xbox live.

Some Cool Gameplay Updates

They have also made a couple of cool updates on the gameplay, such as the Armor stands being all wobbly when players hit it. And the tools have now better durability in relation to the rate of how mobs take damage.

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