Building and being the manager of a restaurant is possible now with the ‘Eat Out’ Game Pack. It is going to be released for the console editions of ‘The Sims 4’

The release date of the Game Pack

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One variants of “The Sims 4” still doesn’t highlight an indistinguishable content from the PC adaptation of the game, however, it is the beginning of everything. The console alternative of the game will increase in popularity one week from now as another Game Pack will be launched for them somewhere around January 9th.

This pack initially hit the market in 2016 and was a version for the PC. But don’t worry, console players will make the most of it, also.

What does it consist in?

This new Game Pack comes with the possibility of enjoying a night out at an elegant dinner that serves dishes that are great and, to be honest, more reasonable for the gutsy eaters out there. But for those who don’t want to go out for a fancy dinner, there’s a solution for you, too.

Congrats, you can own a restaurant now! Be a good boss and keep in mind the following

The “Eat Out” Game Pack enables players to manage a restaurant themselves. They can assemble it starting with no bricks, and afterwards, they can take full control over what it would be, what food it will serve and all the other things that a manager deals with. They can also choose the name of the restaurant and the plating of the dish. Players can hire and prepare those sims who will be working at their restaurant, to ensure that it turns into a win.

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