Since its removal a few years back, users may still wonder why the Google Finance app was discontinued. In fact, there are still some who search Google Finance on the Play Store, only to find that it’s not there anymore. And yes, Google Finance APK can still be accessed if you know how to look, but who wants an application that doesn’t have any support from its creator?

Even if we’re not privy to the real reason of the tech giant for discontinuing its app for the financial market, it was obvious from the get-go that they have a sort of apathy in maintaining the app.

Updates were far and in between

Perhaps due to poor rating, Google was not too keen on providing updates of this app even before. Most users rated it as 3/10 which is definitely a downer considering that other apps of its kind are getting 8/10. The last Google Finance update was in the first month of 2013 and no other updates were released until its demise from the Play Store last 2015.

No special features

While other finance apps boasted of one of a kind features, Google Finance only provided the basic functionalities. Of course, a lot of other apps have the same functions so it has become redundant in a way.

Welcome a new app

Enter Google Now, which is a far better version than the Google Finance app. You only have to input your preferred stocks, and you’ll be updated on how they’re performing in real time. Plus, if you are more inclined to sports, your favorite sports teams can also be tracked with Google Now. The app can be considered a one-stop shop for all financial information that you may need.

Final Say

For those who are looking for the most comprehensive and up-to-date finance app out there, Google Finance is definitely not the one to look for. Various stock information and news can be available on Google Now but there are simply other better finance apps in the Play Store these days.

But if you are one of those techies who still want to tinker with the Google Finance APK? There are some sources out there still, but be careful as always especially that Google support is not available for it anymore.

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