The newly revamped Apple TV is Apple’s take on the future of televisions. We can remember Tim Cook saying that the future of television is going to be apps. However, when people actually got to experience the Apple TV product, many have expressed dismay over their expectations. This is because many of the features that Apple TV boasts of already exist. Some brands already have smart televisions, while some brands also produce smart T.V. boxes that have comparable if not better features.

However, like Apple’s other products, the Apple TV has some promising features that remind us why Apple products have always been a coveted brand despite the obvious price difference.

Siri Makes Life Easier

With Siri integrated into the new Apple TV, searching for anything on the Apple TV is as easy it gets. All you need to do is speak clearly about what it is that you are looking for. Immediately, Siri will show you if anything matches in the search results. The great thing about it too is that the search results are not restricted to iTunes, but they will also show you if it is in Netflix. Your keywords should be proceeded by the phrase, “show me”.

Affordable 4K HDR movies

Apple known for a little bit pricier products (and for good reason) surprisingly provides and sells 4K movies and shows on their iTunes store considerably cheaper than their competitors. They will be also upgrading movies to 4K HDR you have previously bought from iTunes when they have been remastered, which is a cool extra.

This low price promotion by Apple for 4K movies are the result of Apple being able to make pricing deals with some of the biggest movie studios in the cinema business. However, they have not made deals with Disney yet so won’t be seeing Disney films 4K HDR films on iTunes soon.

Beautiful User Interface

The entire user interface of the Apple TV has been redone into 4K HDR. Making the interface one of the best looking interfaces in the smart tv and tv box world. The graphics are beautifully bright and the interface texts and titles as clear and as sharp looking as a 4K picture should look like. The icons also really pop out with clear color.

In addition, there is no mode switching you switch between shows, movies, and apps which has that familiar Apple trait of seamless feel.

Useful Apple TV Apps

Here are some Apps that you might want to use for your Apple TV.

  1. EarthLapse TV

This app lets you gawk over the beautiful blue planet from space. You can select from the 18 views that the International Space Station provides. This app helps you relax and contemplate at any time of the day.

  1. Streaks Workout

This app will help you form a healthy habit and turn your television into a smart personal trainer. This is a great app to have if you don’t have time to go to the gym.

  1. Receiver Radio

This iTunes App is useful if you want to listen to radio music. A playlist is great but sometimes listening to the radio helps you discover new songs that you might find yourself liking.

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