Google has released a new Google Maps version, the v9.65 beta and it has some new features and a few changes. Some changes included in the changelog are a new shortcut to offline map settings and toggle for using location history so as to improve commute updates.

Changes brought by the new Google Maps v.9.65 beta

Since its release this weekend some new features have been added: a new and more noticeable link to the offline settings screen and also a new switch in commute settings for better results.

The dedicated screen for setting for the offline maps can be accessed by heading to the offline map management page and hitting the gear icon at the top right. There is also a new link in the main Settings screen so as the user finds it faster.

The new commute updates option allows the user to use a toggle which will give Maps the permission to use their location history in order to understand the user’s commute times.

Possible new features

According to an analysis of the apks available, possible changes include: a thumbs up/down model for reviews, new text in Google Maps, two new blob emoji, the users could get the option to select a preferred station for their route and a new set of services available for reserving with Google.

Google offered the users the possibility to schedule their next spa day with the use of the Reserve with Google feature. It seems that this feature will receive more options from which users can choose from, including Cycling and Nails.

Most of us are familiar with the 5-star rating system, one star meaning the service was bad, while five stars means the service was very good. It might be possible that in the future Google will have two buttons: Recommend and Not Recommend.

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