Skype Lite offers the same premium user experience and numerous communication tools like the original version does. Although, there is one major difference that sets Skype Lite apart from the traditional Skype, and that’s the fact that Skype Lite has been specially designed to run on bad internet connections and on lower-end smartphones.

Therefore, Skype Lite makes sure that everyone has access to high-end online communication tools such as online messaging, audio and video calls. The app is free to download, and it will never charge users for a subscription fee. Things get even better though because Skype Lite is always being improved with new updates which enhance its overall performance. Just take for example this latest APK update.

Skype Lite APK Update

The latest version of Skype Lite is and the APK version of it can be downloaded right now. We should mention that the APK measures in at 17.36MB and that it is targeted towards Android 7.1 Nougat powered smartphones. Luckily, the update is also compatible with smartphones that run on older versions of Google’s operating system such as Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich.

User Interface Bug Fix

Just like any other app, Skype Lite has its fair share of bugs. Even though the developers who are in charge of Skype Lite are always making sure that the app is running smoothly, some issues still manage to pass by. This is what happened with a user interface bug which was causing Bluetooth devices to malfunction.

On the bright side though, the developers behind Skype Lite are paying close attention to the customer feedback they are receiving and decided to fix this highly annoying bug by releasing a new APK. Therefore, Skype Lite users who want to make sure their app is running perfectly should make sure to update it.

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