The thought of having an excess monthly expense due to cable television bills would lead you to find alternative solutions to it. Fortunately, there are a lot of streaming options to give more opportunities for people looking to get a broader range of movies and TV shows.

Here are some of the top alternatives to your favorite cable TV that would lead you to save money and enjoy the same viewing pleasure.

Sling TV

The cool thing about Sling TV is that you wouldn’t require any rental equipment or pay installation fees. This is because you can stream right through your computer, tablet phone, and television. Moreover, this option provides some packages that should fit your budget.

Thus, you should be able to customize your viewing options and save money from the cable TV package that you would soon cut off. You can also enjoy ala carte offerings to put you more in charge of the channels you pay only for the channels that you watch.


One of the popular streaming services that you can use to replace your cable TV is the service called Netflix. In this service, you can get 3 packages, such as the Basic package at $7.99 per month, Standard package at $9.99 per month, and the Premium package at $11.99 per month. These packages are still subject for taxes.

The Basic package includes 1 streaming device each time with unlimited viewing, but it doesn’t include HD and Ultra HD viewing experience. Moreover, it is offered for free for the first month. You can also view this on your laptop, phone, desktop, TV, or tablet.

The Standard package would cost a notch higher than the Basic package, but it gives your money’s worth if you are living with another person in the house to share the package. It offers HD, but doesn’t provide Ultra HD. You can share this to a maximum of 2 streaming devices in the house.

The Premium package is available for 4 streaming devices maximum, with HD and Ultra HD viewing experience. Other than that, all other features of the Basic and Standard packages apply.

Amazon Instant Video

If you purchase Amazon Prime, you can get this one for free. The Amazon Instant Video offers a streaming service that you can also pay separately for $8.99 per month. You may not consider paying separately because Amazon Prime is only $99 per year, so you can get it at $8.25 a month with a host of benefits.

It is similar to Netflix, which includes a range of television watching options in a variety of categories, such as the following.

  • Famous movies
  • A variety of sports shows
  • Original shows from Amazon
  • Famous TV shows
  • Classic movies
  • Documentaries
  • TV and movies for children and many more.

You may have second thoughts when it comes to cutting your subscription from your current cable company. However, the options can free you from your dilemma. Perhaps it is time to decide based from the famous alternatives to cable TV presented here.

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