Bethesda Game Studio has managed to launch a few popular titles in the past years, and the Elder Scrolls is one of the most loved franchises. Fans are waiting for the Elder Scroll 6 but they were disappointed to find out that this game won’t be released anytime soon.

However, this did not stop players from speculating and there have plenty of rumors and information revealed by various sources. Let’s take a look at them and see what the next game might have to offer.

Virtual Reality

VR is the latest trend in the world of gaming, and it appears that Bethesda is ready to take advantage of it. It appears that the Elder Scrolls 6 will be available for VR as soon as it is released, which would explain why it is taking so long to release the game.

A new team?

There have been plenty of rumors when it comes to the team behind the next Elder Scrolls game. The community talked a lot about the head writer Emil Pagliarulo after they noticed that his bio changed to design director. This was reason enough for them to believe that he will not work on this project and Bethesda will have to look for new writers.

Since there are many new job positions available, there is a big chance that we will receive a fresh vision from some new team members, especially since they are also looking for a Character artist and a Concept artist.

Enhanced Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is another tech trend that is beginning to appear in video games. Until now, Bethesda did not come with the best AI, but there is a chance that the next installment will also come with improvements in AI, which should enhance your game experience.

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