There are not many GTA 6 updates or official announcements and fans cannot wait to find out more. This has lead to a lot of rumors and speculations and the online forums are full of fans’ opinions and wishes.

GTA fans make up a wish list

There are many things GTA fans would like to see in GTA 6, if Rockstar is ever going to release it. The most remarkable wish by far is the demand of adding a female protagonist. This would be a fresh concept and it could take the game to a new level.

Some fans imagine a possible female protagonist as tough and with a difficult childhood in a bad neighborhood.

So far there is no mention of introducing children characters. Rockstar has not released any statement commenting on this idea.

A second wish list is the addition of a map of Tokyo. Many GTA fans expect the game to expand on its territory outside of the U.S. Some players would be very excited to get new maps.

When will GTA 6 be released?

Rockstar has not released an official statement to when fans might expect a new game from the GTA franchise. One of the rumors going around is that the game will be released in 2018. The rumor is based on the fact that there has been a five years gap between GTA games. Fans have noticed that the last game released, GTA V was in 2015.

Other reports suggest the game will be released in 2020, because Rockstar is pretty busy will releasing the Red Dead Redemption game.

Grand Theft Auto

The action video game has been released for the first time in 1997 and the action is set in cities such as Liberty City, San Andreas and Vice City. The games from the franchise are available for platforms such as Android, Dreamcast, Fire OS, iOS, macOS, PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, MS-DOS, Nintendo DS and more.

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