Nowadays it is very simple to lose the data stored in a computer. That is the reason why most users also use the cloud as a back-up. Whether you only do that with work files or you want to make sure that you never lose your personal photos, it is important to find a good storage provider.

Today we will compare iCloud Drive and Dropbox, and try to see which one is more convenient.

ICloud Drive

One disadvantage of iCloud Drive is the fact there is only one identity accepted for it. This means that you can only mount an iCloud Drive associated with an iCloud account on an account in macOS. Using Family Sharing you can share iCloud storage. However, it is quite difficult to share files. You can do that with individual files, but not with folders.

Additionally, it works better on iOS and Mac devices, and you will receive 5 GB for free. You will be able to share this storage with other apps and services that are iCloud-compatible. ICloud Drive is part of a broader system that offers email, photo storage, data syncing and more.


Arguably, Dropbox is easier to use. An advantage could be the fact that it works with almost any platform, Android, iOS, Mac, Windows phone, Windows and Linux. However, Dropbox only offers you 2 GB of storage for free, and even if you are planning to upgrade there is only one other option available: 1 TB. If you want to purchase that you will have to pay $9.90 per month.

Also, compare to iCloud Drive, Dropbox does not sync data. Despite this you should know that Dropbox works with many desktop and mobile apps and you can also access the files from the official Dropbox website.

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