The essence of free IT helpdesk is to provide customers or end-users with info and support related to the products and services of an institution or company. It is mainly intended to troubleshoot problems or offer guidance regarding products, namely apparel, computers, electronic equipment, food, or software.

With tons of many good products to think about, helpdesks are able to track and manage issues. Thus, you have to find one suited for a particular environment. The right software should make or break your decision by taking consideration all the capabilities of each product.

Who Needs Helpdesk?

Having helpdesk on your website is crucial because it is where customers and employees will go when they try to solve problems. So, any company with a huge customer base and excellent traffic requires internal helpdesk. It can minimize the downtime and improve the performance of business processes.

How It Benefits Businesses

  • It develops customer retention and satisfaction by giving service and support after selling products and services
  • It captures customer and technical support data to be used in quality and product development
  • It evaluates helpdesk performance for employee training and development

Knowing Your Helpdesk Needs

Although helpdesks are important, various organizations require different needs for them. Your helpdesk’s success will depend on how much the processes select, evaluate, buy, and deploy the software. ( Thus, it is vital to work closely with your project manager so that you can make a structured, organized, collaborative, and timely system for choosing a software package.

You also need to acquire information from internal and external stakeholders to ensure that your team will have all the support they need in implementing your software.

Finding The Best Software For Your Helpdesk

The helpdesk package you should look for must have some essential features regardless of the business model that you have. This will help you in meeting the expectations of your customers. In addition, your helpdesk software package should have the following characteristics.

  • Self-service interface – customers must have a way for creating tickets, logs, and check for status updates without talking to a helpdesk representative. Additionally, it should have different interfaces aside from the telephone support, such as SMS, email, and Web portal.
  • Skill level matching and escalation – having a good software should help in matching the skill level required to address issues with helpdesk team member having appropriate credentials. Service levels are able to control costs and improve service.
  • Service level management – it is important that your helpdesk software to help your team to provide the type of service via agreements between your customers and the company.
  • Customizable workflows – it is important to note that you shouldn’t buy software that would force your helpdesk operation to follow a specific path. Thus, you need to look for software allowing you to make workflow definitions suitable for your operation.
  • Follow-ups – asking people about their experience having received helpdesk services should improve customer engagement.
  • Knowledge base – this enables your helpdesk to accumulate a wealth of information to be used for solving problems.
  • Reports – this helps in the evaluation of helpdesk performance.
  • Task automation – provides opportunity for employees to automate repetitive tasks, improving service by increasing accuracy and speed.

These are useful factors that could help you choose reliable free IT helpdesk software. Feel free to read more articles regarding this topic particularly on how to grow your business.

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