Google Earth Pro is a program that allows you to watch the entire world, either from above or by exploring it through Google imagery. It can be ideal for those who are explorers at heart but do not have the time or money for actual traveling. It can also be a tool for geography enthusiasts. And the best part is that Google is now offering Google Earth Pro for free, despite the fact that it used to cost money.

The Pro version comes with some extra features, like GIS data importer, radius measurements, printing models and even movie making. This program has been free for two years and it works with Mac OS X 10.8, Windows 7 and Linux Standard Base 4.1 libraries and up.

This version comes with multiple variations. Users can choose between Google Earth Pro, Google Earth Plus, Google Earth Enterprise, Google Earth 9, and Google Earth Plug-in. There is also Google Maps which comes with, you guessed it, maps. Users can check traffic, street maps and routes, including panoramic view of the streets. This version has become quite popular among drives who use it more often than others.

How to download Google Earth Pro

If you want to get the Pro version of Google Earth simply head over to the official website and you can find it. Open the menu on the right corner and go through its choices. You should see the option for Older Version right there. Click on it in order to be redirected to Google Earth Pro version for desktop.

Downloading the app will take you to the Privacy and Policy of Google Earth, and as soon as you read them and click Agree and Download you can proceed to the downloading version.

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