Apple has been having some fantastic luck with the updates so far. After a noteworthy security disaster with MacOS that was wildly fixed out, it appears that the company learned its lesson and it has a reestablished sense of duty regarding giving improved security updates. Apple has demonstrated that they’re not kidding about their updates, and you’ll be thrilled to find out that 11.2.1 could hit the market in two months, after a short time since 11.2 appeared on the market, too

And the good news is that we’re about to see the pre-released version of iOS 11.2.1 before holidays. This means that the developers will try to fix all the bugs they find before they are taking the break. It’s expected for the pre-release to launch in January 2018. A little after that, the full version will hit the market.

About release date

If this is true, and iOS 11.3 will really be released in January 2018, that would come in sync with the Apple’s iOS12, which will be a big deal, and if iOS 11.3 is to follow its predecessors, 9.3 and 10.3, it will probably be a semi-significant update that includes more than a basic bug fix and security patches.

What we know about features

We sure hope that with this new update, new, great features will come, too. And if you own one of Apple’s most recent leader iPhones or iPads, you might be the luckiest person alive. It’s still early to make a list of all the upgrades we’ll see on iOS 11.3. However, we’re happy to believe that it’s expected for the Messages in iCloud thing to make an appearance again, after it was surprisingly erased from the iOS 11.0 beta. Apple said that it will be released eventually, so it’s truly likely that this element will dispatch with the forthcoming update.

This comes together with a new iPad

Once the testing group start working on iOS 11.3, it will probably experience a few beta recurrences before its public release, which will take place around Spring 2018 — Just in time for another iPad launch.

Although an official release date is not stated, Apple has for the most part adhered to a certain timetable in the past so we can rely on the piece of news. Considering all stated before, we’re thrilled with this new release of iOS 11.3.

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