Some people would say that the latest release of Apple’s iPhone X is the best phone for business use. The said device has set the scene for the next decade of iPhone development with some futuristic technologies.

On the other hand, others would disagree saying that it is just so expensive, especially for small businesses. Well, we would let you decide which one is really suitable for your business with some of the most popular and best phones for 2018 on the list below.

BlackBerry KEYone

When it comes to mobile device management and security, the BlackBerry is one that you should pick for your endeavor. It runs on an Android platform and it has a keyboard, which is great for those who love to enjoy a physical keyboard on their devices.

BlackBerry also has built a reputation for serving businesspeople with very secure and highly capable phones. It has even been improved with its new Android  OS.

Google Pixel 2

This phone is great for business because it is the most secured Android phone to buy today. In fact, it is known for being protected from public security exploits. Remote installations are also monitored by the scanning software of Google, blocking potentially malicious content. Since security is the top priority for phones used for business, the Google Pixel 2 seems to be getting ahead of the competition.

Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus

The extra security features that you can get for this device is extraordinary. It has an iris scanner allowing owners to launch the device using their eyes. It also has a fingerprint scanner, as well as facial recognition support through the cameras. Moreover, both devices support Samsung Knox, which provides owners with a hardware-based security only intended for military grade level.

OnePlus 5

If you are going for much reasonable prices, then you can choose the China-based OnePlus, which has tons of high-end features you can find in many flagship devices. Like the Samsung Galaxy S8, you can get the Snapdragon 835 processor and the 6GB or RAM, along with the 64GB of storage. Although it is not focused more on security, it offers features that business owners would like, including fast charging feature and the new reading mode, making texts easier to read.

Motorola Moto Z and Moto Z Force

You might wonder why these devices can easily be categorized as business phones. Well, both devices support Moto Mods, 1st and 3rd party accessories that would connect to the devices in order to provide improvements. Aside from that the phones come with battery packs able to extend the overall use of the devices on a single charge, which should be helpful for business customers.

The Moto Mod accessory also has the projector feature, which can be attached to the Moto Z, sharing the image of the screen of the phone on the wall. This should be perfect for employees making a quick presentation in front of clients in a flash. It doesn’t even require connection to a computer to make a projection.

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