Even if your everyday life puts you in a position of a student or an working adult, tools from Microsoft Office are essential, because it motivates and helps you to keep your everyday productivity high. It helps you lose the whole mailing headache, simply by saving your files into a cloud that save locations, making it way easier to share files with your work buddies, even separately.

With the help of OneDrive you can save your files easily, thanks to Microsoft Office 2016, that made this possible. 

Here’s how to add and use other cloud services, like Dropbox, Box and Google Drive.

Google Drive

Google Drive is an official tool from Google, and you can get it by, of course, accessing Google! Get the Google Drive plug-in for Microsoft Office plug-in and once it is downloaded, access the file and wait for it to complete its setup. You’ll have to keep your internet connection available to get the add-on, because it is an online installer.

Then, proceed to open whichever app of Microsoft Office you want, for example, Microsoft Word. Next step it Google Drive for Microsoft Office Setup Wizard. As soon as it did it, Google Drive will automatically list it as a cloud to save location. If the install should do it, everything will run smoothly and you will be able to save all your files directly into the Google Drive cloud.


We all know Dropbox is the most popular app when it comes to saving files on a cloud. Everyone uses it, from professionals to everyday people. However, it does not come with a plug-in for Office 2016. But by adding it as a sync client and creating a sync folder where all the files can be saved, it should work out. So here’s how to do it: firstly, you’ll have to close all applications from Office.

Download Dropbox Sync Client using the official Dropbox site, and proceed to install Dropbox Installer and sign in your account using your e-mail and password for the Dropbox account. The Dropbox icon should be hidden among Taskbar icons, so go there and click right on it and then tap the settings button.

Select Preferences. Select Show Dropbox from the General tab as Save location. Press Apply and then OK. You should restart your computer now. After it’s all finished, you should see the Dropbox icon in the Save as an option.


Box it’s similar to Google Drive. These are the steps to install a plug-in to make this thing work in Office 2016.

Close all applications from Office. Download Box For Office Plug-In using the official Box site, and proceed to install it. Once done, open whichever app for Microsoft Office you want.

Let’s say you’re using Word. Open a new Word document and tap on File. Then tap into the Save As and here it is – the option to save it in the Box cloud. You should then sign in using your Box account.


Open a blank Word document and click on File. Next, click on Save As dialogue box – you will get the option of Box. Click on Box and sign in with the Box Account.

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