Everyone wished at least once that there was a way to take back a message. While Instagram did provide the unsend tool that allowed you to remove a message, most chat apps did not bring something similar. Until now.

It appears that WhatsApp added this new feature that should save life. Until now, deleting a WhatsApp message only removed it from your phone, but from now on, you will be also able to delete it from both ends. This works for both private conversations and group chats, but you can only do it in the first 7 minutes of sending a message.

Some people might still see it

The feature works for all devices, no matter if it is an Android device, an iOS one or a Window phone, so you should encourage everyone to update to the latest version. That is also because if someone on the group chat does not have the latest version, than that person might still see the message.

How to delete a message?

If you are sure that the other person has the latest version, and the seven minutes are not up yet, then you can go ahead and delete a message. In order to do that, you have the act the same way you did when you deleted them before the update. Simply hold down on the message and press Delete. You will see two different options: Delete for Everyone and Delete for Me. Choose the first option, and your message should be removed for good.

However, you should know that there will be something left behind. The other person will see that “’This message was deleted”, so you better have a good excuse prepared for when you will be asked what you sent in that message and why you deleted it.

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