If you enjoy enhancing your efficiency as much as possible, you will be glad to hear about the new Gmail add-ons. They have been recently released, and they will allow you to use various business apps directly in Gmail.

This new addition should improve multitasking and it should be a real help for people who are extremely busy.

Apps that you can install with Gmail

You are probably wondering what apps can be installed with add-ons. Well, here are some of them.

  • Intuit QuickBooks Invoiving

This app allows you to send professional invoices in Gmail. This means that your customers will be able to pay you online, and payments and invoice status can be tracked from any place.

  • Dialpad

If you prefer to send texts or make calls in order to communicate with your colleagues, then Dialpad can bring that with Gmail. You won’t need an actual phone, and you will be able to use it right from your Gmail interface.

  • Hire

Hire is ideal if you are recruiting. You can use this job to find candidates, manage their interviews and the entire team is able to use this app. You will also be able to access all the job applications with this add-on.

  • Streak

Streak allows you to enhance your business performance. It can be used to share data with your team, connect other Google Apps to your Gmail, and it is mostly used for Sales, Recruiting and Customer support.

  • Wrike

If you like to be always aware of your tasks and keep them organised, than you will like this add-on. With Wrike, you can create tasks directly from emails, and you can later edit them or send comments to your team, as well as receive other comments.

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