The giant American tech company, Apple, is working hard on the newest operating system: iOS 11.2. The 3rd beta has been released on Monday for developers and there are no major changes from Beta 2.

Changes in iOS 11.2

The iOS 11.2 Beta 3 operating system is only available to a couple of developers for now, but it is still advisable to always upgrade your device with the newest iOS available. Some of the most significant changes compared to iOS 11.2 Beta 2 are:

  • A new pop-up alert has been added when users try to enable or disable the Bluetooth or the Wi-Fi using the Control Center. The pop-up offer information about the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi buttons to the Control Center.
  • The location of the Control Center on iPhone X. iPhone X owners will find a bar underneath the top corner of the display. The bar does not appear when the device is unlocked, even if the user stares at the screen.

The iOS 11.2 update

Apple has been working hard to offer a significant change in their operating system. If the iOS 11.1 has been created to fix bugs and to add new emojis, the newest OS has more additions such as Apple Pay Cash. Other features include:

  • A fix on the Calculator app: no more waiting for ling animations to play out
  • Visual changes for some emojis, the Command Center’s icon (squared), new wallpapers
  • AirPlay 2 devices can be controlled from the Control Center (works on Apple TV)
  • The wireless charging will improve from a maximum of 5 watts to 7.5 watts

Get iOS 11.2 public beta

There is no official release date, but those interested can test the latest OS update. To do so iPhone owners need to log into the Beta Sotware Program page.

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