We’re all waiting for Samsung to launch their Galaxy S9 smartphone in the early 2018 and it sure seems like it’s going to be a flagship difficult to compete against. Rivals on the market will have a hard time to beat such an amazing smartphone, if we’re to look at all the rumors and leaks about its specs and features.

But there are also some features that might not get to the Samsung Galaxy S9. Here are the specs that we will see and those that will not make it to this smartphone.

Galaxy S9 Comes With the Amazing Snapdragon 845 Processor – Which Hasn’t Been Yet Announced

It looks like the newest flagship from Samsung will come next year with a powerful processor that will increase performance by 25% over the latest Snapdragon 835. Rumors suggest that Samsung has made a deal with Qualcomm to have some period of exclusivity for that processor, so we might see it only on Samsung Galaxy S9 until the first half of the year.

There will also be a dual camera sensor that will be like the ones we find on the Note 8. We might also see the fingerprint sensor added under the curved OLED display.

5G Will Not be Available for the Galaxy S9

The most interesting feature that we will not see on Samsung Galaxy S9 is 5G. IF they would have been successful with this feature to be integrated in the Galaxy S9, we might have seen speeds of mobile and broadband up to 20 Gbps. This would mean that a user could download a full 4K HDR movie or AAA games in a few seconds.

Samsung is already testing this technology in UK and US and they have recorded a speed of 1 Gbps, which is an improvement over the current average in UK (increased by 600 times in speed).

But this feature is not yet ready for the Samsung Galaxy S9. However, it might be ready next summer, in June and the we will have to wait 18 months more for manufacturers to get to work. So, Wonil Roh, Vice President, Next Generation Communications Business Team IT and Mobile Communications, says that he expects 5G chipsets to be available by the end of next year.

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