Google has decided to celebrate Christmas in full this year. The giant American tech company will take the holiday spirit to another level by adding “call Santa” to its Google Home devices. Apart from the Santa Tracker app, the ability to call Santa will make tons of kids happy all over the globe.

“Call Santa” with Google Home

Those who know how to use Assistant or Google Home can activate the device with “Okay Google”. When the user says “call Santa” the assistant will place the call and it will connect children with a virtual Santa. Instead of the usual Google Assistant, a voice of an old man passing by Santa Klaus will be added. The virtual Santa will ask children questions and there will also be holiday-geared sing-along for them. Kids will be able to sing alongside Sana and his band of elves.

Those interested can try the new feature tied to Google Assistant.

Google is not the online one

Apple also offers a personalized call from Santa. There are several apps available on iTunes such as Personalized Call from Santa. This free app will allow user to receive personalized Santa calls. Users can choose the date and time and they can even put their children’s face on the call screen. Some information must be provided such as the child’s age, country, state and more. Parents can choose from 32 greetings.

Another app offered by Apple is Video Call Santa. It works for both iPhone and iPad and it is an app used in countries such as Australia, The US and the UK. The child will receive an interactive video call from Santa. Parents need to set up a time to receive the video call and Santa will ask kids if they were good or naughty.

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