The users who received Android 8.0 Oreo are already preparing for its next big upgrade. Android 8.1 will be released soon and as usual, Google phones will the first ones to receive it.

If we take a look at Pixel 2, we can see that some enhancements are on its way. Android 8.1 beta is already available for these phones (and also for Nexus 5X and 6P) and the final version should come in December.

The Pixel Visual Core

Android Oreo 8.1 comes with support for Pixel Visual Core. For those who do not know, the Pixel Visual Core is supposed to make the HDR+ process more efficient and it should allow users to take HDR+ photos in third-party camera apps with the Android Camera API.

The Visual Core it’s a system-on-chip designed-in-house, and it is the first one from Google. With its help, HDR+ images should be produced five times faster. Additionally, the Visual Core uses less energy, which should help conserve the battery.

The Visual Core does make some differences, and thanks to it, photos taken with apps such as Snapchat and Instagram will look better than they did before. Users should notice the differences right after they update to Android 8.1. beta.

Visual Core and Pixel 2

Enabling the Visual Core improves the quality of the pictures right away. Thanks to Visual Core, third-party apps can use the benefits of HDR+. When taking a picture on Pixel 2 the differences are noticeable. Noise is usually reduced by the Visual Core the pictures appear more vivid then they usually do.

In order to get Android 8.1 on your device, you can enroll in the Android Beta Program and get the update. If you don’t want to use the beta update, you can wait until the final version is released.

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