Almost all popular apps have a lite version specially created for those with a poor Internet connectivity. Skype, for example launched their Lite version in February in India along with the Aadhaar verification feature. Until recently the original app has seen a lot of new features and improvements.

The question we are trying to find an answer to is which version of Skype is better for Android? Skype or Skype Lite? Let’s see the differences between these two.

  1. Storage & Data Consumption

Depending on the phone, the normal version is about 84 MB, while the Lite version is 63 MB. On another phone the same Lite version was only 16 MB.

As for data consumption, the Lite Skype has a compression feature for images allowing you to save data when you send images. This feature has to be enabled, and there are more features that can help you save data. Press on ‘More’ for more details.

  1. UI and Design

Here the original Skype has three categories on the homepage: Highlights, Chats, and Capture. The Lite version is a lot simplified and has three other categories: Calls, Chats, and Discover. Skype Lite focuses on conversations and also ditches unnecessary features from the original app and adds others such as bots to tell you the news, horoscope and more. (Diazepam)

Lite also comes with a dark theme you can use at night.

  1. Capabilities & Features

The Lite app offers a clean space with a lot of features. The most important one besides messaging is video calling.

This is a decent feature on the Lite version. It has no lag or interruptions and for a 5-minute video call you use about 2 MB data.

The original app comes with more features, like emoticons, reactions, write text and send photos in real time while being in a video call, adding a lot more fun in your video calls, but also consuming a lot more data in the process.

We believe that the original version of Skype is too cluttered, so the Lite version is a definite winner. If you’re looking for an app that doesn’t consume too much data or storage space and you really like Skype, then Skype Lite is the app to go for.

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