Facebook chats can now be saved for safekeeping. Whether it is a conversation with someone special, a friend, family, an important conversation with a colleague, or anything, private chats can now be downloaded and saved for future use.

While some take screenshots for the conversation to be saved on the phone, downloading is the better option.

It does require one to be technically advanced to do this as this only takes a few easy to follow steps.  Even a beginner can download Facebook chat history easily.

Now, if you are ready, let’s get started.

Download Facebook Chat History and Save Your Conversation

  • Login to your Facebook account and then go to “Settings”.
  • From there, look for “Your Facebook Information”, then select “Download a Copy of Your Information”.
  • You will then see the options of data that you can download. Click the “Deselect All” tab and then tick the box adjacent to “Messages” to download the Facebook chats.  Then, click on the “Create File” button in the top right corner of the screen.  Once you have tapped this option, Facebook will then initiate the download of your messages. The download time depends on the size of your Facebook chats.
  • Facebook will notify you once the chat download is completed. Just tick the notification to be directed to the download summary. Tap or click the “Download” button to access the downloaded Facebook chat history.
  • From there, you have the option to save the downloaded Facebook chat history on a separate file for easy access.

Use third party chat downloaders

Another way of downloading Facebook chat history is through a 3rd party chat/messenger downloader. This option is recommended if you intend to download Facebook chat history on specific dates only.

With this approach, you only save important data without going through the hassle of scrolling the entire conversation.

Foremost, you have to download this chat/messenger downloader. Go to your Internet browser and just search “Facebook messenger chat download”. Select the most relevant search result that says “chat/messenger downloader”.

Once you click the link, you will be routed to a different page; just select “Add Extension”. Once you have installed this extension, you can now start enjoying its most important feature: to download your Facebook messages.

Login to your Facebook account and open the conversation you want to save. Click on the chat downloader extension and specify the dates of the chats you want to download. Finally, hit “Apply” then “Start”.

Once selected chats are downloaded completely, you can save the files in your chosen format.

Do not forget that the Internet offers a wide variety of chat or Facebook messenger downloaders. It is up to you what to choose depending on simplicity, ease-of-use, and other features that will make the task fast, easy, and convenient.


If you need to make a copy of your Facebook chat history for preservation, you can always try any of these methods. Regardless of your technical skills, you will find these how to download Facebook chat history guides easy.

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