Perhaps it is taking forever to find a solution every time Google Play Services stops working on your mobile device.

If you are like most of us, you might not be able to find a quick fix for such an issue especially when the Google Play Services keeps stopping.

Why Use Google Play Services?

You might be wondering why your Android device requires the installation of Google Play Services. It is actually a built-in service for Google Play Store to work efficiently. Moreover, it is important to have an updated Google Play Services as it supports the Play Store in updating apps from the background.

Reasons Why Google Play Services Stops

There are a number of factors that affect the behavior of the Google Play Services in your Android device. Common factors include an outdated version of the Google Play Store, incompatibility of the current Play Store version and the Android OS version, or poor signal.

  • Poor Internet Connection

Due to issues that relate to poor Internet connection, most apps that are dependent on the Web can behave badly. This includes the Google Play Services which can often get affected when you are connected through Wi-Fi.

  • Incorrect Date And Time

Sometimes, when you fail to set up the date and time on your mobile device correctly, it can lead to unexpected error on the apps you have installed. It should be easy to troubleshoot the error if you know what is causing the issue. However, this may not show the specific error, which make it harder to fix.

  • Google Play Cache

Google Play Services keeps stopping because of certain errors that are sometimes easy to fix. But there are also instances that you will find it difficult to address because you don’t know what is causing them.

At some point the Google Play cache can get overloaded with data that may affect how certain apps will behave. If you attempt to go to Settings and click on the Apps in order to look for the Google Play Services tab, make it a point that you only clear the cache and not choose the clear data option because this will wipe out all the data on the app.

You can only clear the cache instead so that you will not accidentally remove any personal or important data.

  • Google Play Store

When you notice that your mobile device’s Google Play Services keeps stopping, one of the things to be blamed is the current version of your Google Play Store. The common error will show that the Google Play Services has stopped. All you have to do is to revert to an older version of the Google Play Store.

  • Google Account

If the Google Play Services keeps stopping even after trying a few options, then the user account you are using may not have been added correctly. For this reason, you may have to remove the account and try signing in again.

There are many other issues that can influence how the Google Play Services behaves. If you can’t fix it on your own, then you better let professionals handle this to avoid further damage to the system.

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