Although Facebook Messenger Lite had a lot it offers in the way of chatting features; it’s only 10MB in size. Facebook Messenger Lite was designed for users who have older, not-so-hi-tech smartphones – those without a lot of microSD internal storage space or amazing hardware specifications. Still, the ability to be used on older smartphones isn’t what makes the app so great!

So what is it about Facebook Messenger Lite that makes it so appealing? It’s the fact that it’s a heavily optimized app that can be used on poor-quality Internet connections (2G and 3G, for example). And, the FML reduces how much data is used by the app.

Do you have a smartphone or internet connection that qualifies as being FML-capable?

If you like the idea of Facebook Messenger Lite, then you need to get the beta version of it – It’s a good idea to get enrolled in the beta program, as the developer is constantly making improvements every few days – tweaking the software and fixing bugs in the hopes to improve the app’s overall performance.

Now, those enrolled in the Facebook Messenger Lite will immediately get the beta version. But, for those not and interested in it, will need to get the APK file and download and install it manually onto their smartphones.

What do you see with the newest beta version of the app? FML developers have improved the software’s user interface with the goal to make it run much more smoothly.

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