There is no shortage of apps that you can download on your mobile device, specifically 2.6 million on Android and 2.2 million on iOS, as of the first quarter of 2019.

With such huge numbers, it’s really not surprising that some apps may sound similar, which could lead to the assumption that they’re offering the same thing. One good example would be Vizer and Vizer TV. Here’s why they are two completely different apps:


If you want to stay fit and help others at the same time, you have to download Vizer. This app follows the unique concept of motivating users to increase their heart rate for 30 minutes per day, taking a class at a Vizer partnered studio or reaching 10,000 steps so they can donate a meal to the San Diego Food Bank paid for by a corporate sponsor.

Every meal donated by an app user is also equivalent to rewards points that can be used for free items at retailers and local restaurants.

This free app tracks your fitness activity through the Apple Health Kit where your wearable connects with your iPhone to record and transfer data to Vizer. The app is compatible with Apple Watch and Fitbit.

To pair your data with Apple Health, simply open Settings, tap Health, select Data Access and Devices, choose Vizer and go to Enable/Disable to choose Allow “Vizer” to Read Data.

Vizer TV

As its name suggests, Vizer TV is an app that allows you to watch your favorite TV series and movies from a wide variety of genres for free. With Vizer TV, you can enjoy video content without downloading anything.

The app just links to external servers that host different video contents so you can watch the latest episode of your favorite series or the latest movie without paying a dime.  The only downside is that since this is a streaming app, the quality of the videos depends a lot on your Internet connection.    

To download Vizer TV on your Android device, you need to save the APK file first and install them on your mobile phone. You just need to allow unkown sources from the Settings to avoid any problems in installing the app to your device.

The takeaway

Although covering very different genres, both Vizer and Vizer TV are very beneficial not only because they’re free but also because they offer functionalities that help you enjoy your mobile device better.

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