Among free online streaming sites, there has been a name that often comes up: Coke and Popcorn. This crowd favorite website has provided its viewers a seemingly endless library of movies and TV shows for them to binge watch.

Like many free video streaming sources, Coke and Popcorn also had its shares of ups and downs. They have faced quite a lot of issues over the years that eventually led them to ultimately shut down the site.

Coke and Popcorn Closure

It was about a year ago when the popular streaming site, Coke and Popcorn mysteriously just the website down. Like so many websites that offer services like they do, they’re not the only one that went through the same ordeal.

Why exactly did the website close down? There had been rumors about certain copyright and legitimacy issues that circle around the closure of the site. Ultimately, it was resounding that most of the speculations centered around the issue of piracy.

While this is the case, the people behind Coke and Popcorn did not exactly specify the exact reason why they were shutting down. However, they did announce that they’re closing down for good.

Is There a New Coke and Popcorn Site?

In line with their official announcement, the makers of the site explained more about what the future will hold for them. As they bid their farewell, they also talked about any possible sites that are fake duplicates to their site. They clearly specified that in case that happens, they encourage them to stick to legitimate sources like Netflix instead.

In the end, fans this and countless of other video streaming sites should always aim to practice streaming with caution. In fact, there are still a lot of sites that suspiciously carry malware that can destroy your PC in the future. Always remember that it’s still up to the viewer but exercising caution will go a long way.

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