Any avid anime fan would know a thing or two about GoGoAnime, the go-to website for streaming a wide variety of anime content. GoGoAnime has one of the most extensive anime libraries online with English subtitles, which is why it’s highly popular among fans of all ages, from children to older people.

Since it was first launched, the company managed only by 10 people is now a $10 million empire.

What does GoGoAnime offer?

Aside from it extensive anime content, GoGoAnime is also one of only a few streaming website that organizes its content according to genres to make it easier to search for your favorite videos.

Anime series are also updated every day so you won’t miss an episode and all content come with English subtitles. Some programs are also dubbed in other languages. For a monthly subscription, you can also download or purchase your favorite shows or movies.

Is GoGoAnime legal?

As a public torrent website, GoGoAnime works by leaking pirated anime movies and series online. This makes the website illegal in piracy standards and some experts also suggest that it’s not as safe to use as other more credible websites like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

This means that you have to access the website with caution because some content could contain virus or malware that could put your computer or mobile device at risk.  

Did GoGoAnime shut down?

Recently, many anime fans took to Twitter expressing their concerns about GoGoAnime being shut down for good. The topic even became trending with thousands of users worried that they won’t be able to watch their favorite anime series and movies anymore.

But these concerns are now gone as the website is now up and running. Although there is no official statement explaining that temporary shutdown, it may have been due to website maintenance.

This isn’t the first time that GoGoAnime was shut down because users encountered the same problems a few years back. It just raises concerns for users because there are still debates as to whether GoGoAnime should be sanctioned for offering pirated content online. But the website always came back up, which means that it could be due to bug fixes or just routine maintenance.

The bottomline

At the end of the day, it all boils down to being extra cautious when logging on to websites such as GoGoAnime to enjoy video content, whether on your computer or mobile device. Make sure that you have a strong anti-virus in place to avoid any malware or virus from infiltrating your system.

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      The only official gogoanime domains are: &
      All other sites are fake. Thank You for supporting gogoanime.

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