It seems that Korean drama has taken over the world. These days, a lot of us find ourselves swooning over handsome actors and beautiful actresses in stories where they often need to fight for their love.

If you’re one of the many K-drama fans around the world looking to stream these shows fresh from broadcast in Korea, you often have two options: KissAsian and FastDrama.

What is KissAsian?

KissAsian has been one of the most popular online streaming websites for Asian viewers for many years. This platform offers a huge selection of movies and TV shows mainly from Korea, China and Japan with English subtitles.

Although KissAsian was created mainly for Asian viewers, it has gained fans from all around the world because of its HD quality videos and no-fuss streaming service.

The platform even offers an option to download movies and shows from 240p to 720p so you can enjoy them offline.

Unfortunately, KissAsian has been experiencing a lot of down times lately because of business issues that the company is still trying to resolve.

Since this platform is not licensed to publish movies and TV shows due to proprietary reasons, it has been constantly blocked by the government making it difficult for users to access the website.

But on times when KissAsian is up and running, it offers a seamless experience to anyone who loves Asian movies and TV shows, especially with its very clean and simple interface.

What is FastDrama?

FastDrama is another website that’s gaining more popularity to K-drama fans because it offers a wide range of videos and audios to view and share including Korean dramas and movies.

The only downside is that FastDrama doesn’t allow downloading of its videos, although you can now find downloaders that can do it for you.

Like KissAsian, FastDrama has all the most popular K-drama shows that fans want to see and episodes are uploaded just within a day after they are broadcasted in Korea. This platform also offers its service entirely free of charge.

You just need to visit the website and choose your favorite shows to enjoy. But like other online streaming platforms, FastDrama is also not licensed to publish movies and shows that are otherwise only accessible through subscription-based platforms like Netflix and Hulu.

Which platform is better?

In terms of its library of movies and TV shows, both KissAsian and FastDrama live up to their popularity with the range of options they offer. These platforms are also very easy to navigate, so they can entertain even the most novice Internet users who want to enjoy their favorite Asian movies and TV shows.

Whether or not KissAsian could get back on track after facing legal issues, no one can really tell.

So while fans wait for the website to be live again, FastDrama is one of the best options to enjoy Korean movies and shows without paying for a subscription fee, although it doesn’t allow content to be downloaded.

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