The gaming world is constantly evolving and that means developers are not only releasing new versions of crowd favorites but also porting these games to different platforms.

If you’re one of those who love action role-playing games, you’ve probably heard about the rumors of Fallout 3 and Grand Theft Auto V being introduced to Nintendo Switch.

With the unprecedented success of the Switch in the market due mainly because of its portability, fans felt that it was only smart to bring two of the most popular games in the world into this platform.

But while talks have been going around for the last few years, are they really going to be real this time? Here’s what we know:

Fallout 3

The rumors of a Fallout 3 re-master started back in May 2018 when Bethesda tweeted the now infamous short video of a Fallout-style loading screen. Fans immediately took this as a hint that a Switch port may be in the works following the ports of DOOM and Skyrim.

These talks grew even more intense with the developer’s E3 2018 presentation where a trailer featured the intro chords made famous by the Inkspots. As we know by now, it was the trailer for Fallout 76.

Early last year, Bethesda released another video, a Fallout-style countdown that reached “3” and an L and hourglass symbol appeared, making fans think that this was the re-master they were waiting for.

But as 2019 ended, there were still no signs of a port, so fans may have to wait a bit more to see if 2020 is the year when Fallout 3 will finally be in Nintendo Switch.


With the immense popularity of GTA V, it seemed like a no-brainer for fans to want the game ported to Nintendo Switch. And in 2018, CEO Straus Zelnick got everyone excited when it finally confirmed that GTA V will be coming to the Switch sooner rather than later. But almost two years later, this news still remains one and fans are starting to ask when the release date for GTA V will be.

According to experts, there may be a few delays with the port because GTA V is such a huge game and its graphics are insane. This means that if the game will be introduced to Nintendo Switch, its developers will have some work cut out for them to make it more Switch-friendly to give fans the best experience possible.

The bottomline

Whether these rumors will turn out to be real or not, only the games’ developers know. But for now, we’ll just have to enjoy these games in their existing platforms and wait for the good news soon.

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