Mega Man has reached 30 years of existence and Capcom celebrated with a livestream. Previously, the company teased fans with the event and promised it would be something they will not forget soon. The biggest announcement during the event was the revealing of Mega Man 11.

Mega Man 11: what is known so far

Apparently, the newest Mega Man game will be compatible with PS4, Xbox One, Switch consoles and PC. The game is to be released in 2018 and Kazuhiro Tsuchiya is to be the producer, while Koji Oda is to take the spot of the director.

Mega Man 11 will follow the line of the franchise and it will remain a 2D side-scrolling action-platformer game. According to the developers the main idea is to bring the game back to life once more. The new game will look the same as previous Mega Man versions.

A difference would be the fact that Mega Man will change his appearance when acquiring a new weapon, instead of only changing his color.

More announcements made by Capcom

The company said that more information on Mega Man 11 will be given during the summer of 2018 and until then fans have to be patient. All eight Mega Man games will also become available to the same platforms as the latest one. Mega Man Legacy Collection and Legacy Collection 2 will become available for Nintendo Switch in 2018 using Amiibo support.

Mega Man

This video game has a main character the robot Mega Man and it was released for Nintendo in 1987. By March 2015, Capcom has sold thirty million copies worldwide, proving that the game has maintained its popularity over the years. Its latest release was Mega Man Legacy Collection 2.

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