both share the same sandbox-style format where people can design games, play
for hours and meet people from around the world in online communities where
they can ask help any time.

for many years, fans and critics have pitted Minecraft and Roblox against each
other not only because of their features but also because of price.

Roblox is free while Minecraft is not.

for PC and Mac initially costs $26.95 while Roblox is free. But here’s the
catch. Paying for Minecraft mean getting unlimited access to its features so
you have all the resources you need to enjoy the game. Roblox, on the other
hand, uses the “freemium/premium” model where you get to download and play the
game for free, but with a lot of limitations.

once you’re hooked, you’ll need to subscribe to buy and trade weapons, create
more games and customize your avatar.

entry-level subscription of $5.95 a month called the Builders Club allows you
to manage more games, get rid of advertisements and buy the game’s currency
Robux daily. Roblox is essentially not free if you plan on playing it
regularly. But if you’re just looking for a game to pass the time, you’ll
already enjoy its basic free package.

Roblox gives you options while Minecraft lets you explore on your own.

huge difference between the two games is their gameplay. Minecraft doesn’t
offer any instructions so you have to learn everything on your own. (

game has three levels of difficulty where you can explore and experiment or you
can watch YouTube videos and read content in online forums for some tips.

on the other hand, offers two options: playing and creating. Players can easily
design their own games with instructions from Roblox and a huge online
community that’s known for its helpful members. But for those who are lazy to
create, there are a lot of user-designed games to choose from.

Roblox is social while Minecraft is solo.

while both games are designed for entertainment, Minecraft is more focused on
solo play while Roblox is all about socialization. In fact, chatting is a huge
part of playing the game.

only downside is children may be exposed to violence, strong language and other
risks when entering user-generated content. But parents have the option to
filter what their children sees through the game’s built-in controls that
allows users to block people, turn off chatting and report bad behavior.

on the other hand, doesn’t impose any restrictions with chatting but players
are allowed to “ignore” certain people in the game.

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