It’s already 2018 and GTA V keeps getting more and more updates.

Yes, the first one didn’t seem as such a big deal, but it has a new car and you will benefit from new discounts and bonuses that might suit you for PS4, Xbox One, or PC.

About that car?

Talking about the car, it’s a rally one, Annis Savestra Sports Classic. You can have it through Legendary Motorsport and it’s probably as good as it looks.

You can also get upgrades if you can access an Avenger or Mobile Operations Center, upgrades that might get you mounted machine guns.

What if I don’t have access to Mobile Operations Center?

However, if you don’t have a Mobile Operations Center, you can choose the cab for half a price until January 8th. Also, 30% off the price for Coil Cyclone or Grotti Visione and 25% for the Ocelot Ardent, the FH-1 Hunter helicopter, P-45 Nokota plane, and HVY APC. Also, for the last three, this price is available for both purchases and trades.

Everyone gets something, so everyone gets happy

Plus, pay attention to Adversary modes, because Slashers and Occupy are giving rewards to those who have double GTA money and RP until January 8th.

The Premium Stunt Race is Duel but has restrictions when it comes to vehicles that are Muscle-class. Also, Time Trail is Up N Atom.

For those who finish in the first 3, Premium Race gives out big amounts of GTA cash, and all the others shouldn’t feel discouraged, as they will get Triple RP. And those who manage to beat the time set, Time Trial has GTA money and RP to give to them.

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