There are a number of emulators for Mac or PC that let you use apps originally designed for the iPhone. So regardless of whichever platform you are using, there are emulators that can help you. Here are some of them.

iPhone Emulators For Mac

One of the simplest ways to test your iOS apps is with the use of This will only require you to upload the app into the emulator and you can see how you will be able to use it on your Mac. The only thing you may encounter is that it only available for 7 days of free trial. After that, you will have to pay for using it.

This app is more like The thing is that it will allow you to take the freedom to deploy the apps in the cloud. Then, you will be able to use the apps on other platforms to see how they would work. You will also get a live iOS demo for this app. However, you can experience some sluggishness when you start using the app for the first time.

Xamarin Testflight

Another app that you can use to test iPhone apps on your Mac is the Xamarin Testflight. This one is in partnership with Apple, which provides the platform to test and run applications.

iPhone Emulators For PC


One of the most popular iPhone emulators you can use for your PC is iPadian. Just like any emulator for Mac, you can use iPadian to run iOS apps on your PC or even on Linux.

iOS Screen Recorder

This application enables you to mirror and record your iPhone screen to your PC. This enables you to experience a bigger screen if you want to engage in tutorials. This will be great for educators, gamers, or even presenters to easily record live content from the mobile device and onto the computer to replay and share.


This one is another emulator that allows you to test apps on cross-platforms. This can be very useful for developers as well as gamers without any trouble. The only issue is that it can be very challenging at first try. Moreover, this is not a freeware because it only allows you 15 days to test it for free.


This one is not only an app to let you play iPhone apps but also enables you to receive or even make calls.

This is practical if you want to send voice messages or add details of your contacts. In addition, you can run any iPhone app on this emulator on your PC without any difficulties. However, you should know that this application is not fully functional.


You may notice that you will not be able to find Safari, the Web browser, as well as other apps originally found on the iPhone. All other apps though can be installed and added to the emulator as it serves as an iPhone replica.

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