Discord, since its launch in 2015 as a group chatting app built for gamers and their discussions has greatly expanded to a variety of Internet communities.

The freedom it gives to its users to join from one community to another makes Discord one of the most favored Internet messaging platforms today.

Whether you are a gamer, writer, KPop fan, artist, or an average Joe who wants to have fun, interact, and connect with communities you are interested in, Discord likely has everything for you.

When you set a nickname on Discord, this can be changed, anytime and for how many times. Changing your name can be done to all servers in which you are a member.

Changing your Discord nickname

  • Launch Discord app and type your login credentials such as username and password when prompted.
  • Select the server where you would like to update your nickname. Once there, look for the 3 dots on the top right corner or if you are accessing Discord from your desktop, look for the downward facing arrow icon. Choose the “change nickname” option from the menu.
  • Type the nickname of your choice on the field provided.
  • And then click “Save” to complete the process.

Remember that changing your nickname on a particular server will not affect your nickname on other servers. And it would be best to keep your nickname change at a minimum to avoid mixing them up.

Other different ways to change your Discord nickname

In the members list:

  • You can change your nickname from the member’s list by clicking your username in the member list. Then, select the “Change nickname” option from the drop down menu. (https://www.solidstonefabrics.com)
  • Type your choice of a new nickname and click on the “Save” button to confirm the nickname change.

In the text channel:

  • Simply look for your nickname on the member’s list. But if you find it hard to see your username due to many users on a large server, check your recent message within the text channel.
  • Right click your avatar or username within the text channel. Select the “Change nickname” option, type new nickname choice, and then hit Save.

Through slash command

This option is the easiest and fastest way to update your Discord nickname.

  • To change your nickname, type /nick (new nickname) in the text channel and then hit Enter.
  • Hitting the Enter button on your keyboard completes the nickname change.
  • You can type and send a message in the text channel to see if your nickname has been successfully updated.

However, if the server owner denies your change of nickname, these methods will not work. If the change of name is rejected, Clyde, the bot will give you this error message “Your nickname could not be changed on this server”.

Even with a fresh nickname, people can still see your true name or username by clicking your user profile.

Or other users can still search for your profile using your old nickname as Discord always remembers and associates your username to your old or new nickname.

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