One of the most reliable email clients to date is Google’s very own Gmail. The past year has made this very memorable for Gmail because the Web version has been given a new look.

As a matter of fact, there were a few features that would impact how you manage your inbox or the messages you send to others.

Featured Enhancements

Gmail features

Perhaps you might have overlooked the revamped features constantly updated by Google to provide more convenience to its users. So if you have missed these few features developed by the tech giant, then take a look at the following.

  • Inline Action Buttons

One of the most loved addition to Gmail in 2018 was the inline action button. These buttons would pop up on a message in your inbox so that you can access frequently used actions.

You might notice that there are four inline icons that allows you to take a message, archive, delete or mark it as read, unread, or snooze.

Such buttons improve the way Gmail handle one-off tasks. So if you were struggling before to delete a single message from your inbox, the new inline delete button can let you do it easily with a single click.

  • Expanded Right-Click Menu

If you have tinkered with your Gmail’s right-click menu as of late, then you should have noticed a quicker way to handle tasks.

For instance, if you right-click on a message using your mouse or hold down the control key when clicking the keyboard, you can now see additional features to get quick access to the forward, reply, and reply all functions for a message.

In addition, you can also find additional messages from the sender, apply some labels to a particular message, or move a message to a different inbox.

But one of the most helpful features is the option from the expanded menu wherein you can open a message in a new window if you want to keep a number of emails visible for your reference.

  • Snooze Messages

One of the problems encountered in the past was when an important email will pop up and you don’t have the time at the moment to manage it but to either ignore or drop it. Thus, there is a possibility that you fail to respond to that email, you only hope can remember it later.

Good thing though, Gmail’s snooze feature provides a better solution to that. So you can indeed make your messages vanish until later that day, tomorrow, on the weekend, next time, or someday. You simply have to set a specific time to snooze them to a later time when you will be available.

  • Schedule Emails

If you are not always near a computer or mobile device, sending an email is quite a challenge, particularly when you need to be reminded of your friend’s birthday. Google has finally solved this by upgrading Gmail.

The write now send later feature has been added to Gmail to schedule an email to be sent out at a later time. You can see this from the options menu by clicking the triple vertical dots to open a dropdown menu where you can select Schedule Send.

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